A little bit more about me...

James A. Korma Sr., The man behind J. A. Koroma Website and The New Face of Technology (www.thenewfaceoftechnology.com).
Chartered/Certified Marketing Analyst, Certificate/License 2012-Current.
My name is James Alpha Koroma, and I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. I was raised and attended school at Kissy village in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I grew up with moral ethics which increased my sense of comprehension, sociability, and charisma that not only affected my life but others as well. I enjoy: reading, travelling, and sports (especially soccer), in which I had played for local football clubs. I served as President of the Sierra Leone Port Authority Foot Club supporters, and served as Secretary General for the Union of First Division Football Club, U.F.D.C.

In 1973-1978 I began working at the United African Company (UAC) Motors as a Sales & Advertising employee. In 1978-1984, I worked at the Sierra Leone Port Authority as an Accounting Assistant. In 1984-1986 I worked at Sterling Products International (SL) LTD., a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. I started as a Sales Manager, then I was designated to Management Accountant, and later Human Resources Manager-HRM. In 1986-1996, I worked at West African Monetary Agency (WAMA) formerly West African Clearing House (WACH). I served as a Senior Bookkeeper/Import & Export Public Relations Officer. WAMA/WACH is an international financial banking institution under the auspices of the central bankers in the West African sub-region. The institution was funded by UNDP, ECOWAS, and ADB & IMF to promote economic growth in member countries.

In 1992, I left Sierra Leone for the United States in pursuit of furthering my educational studies. Due to the civil war in Sierra Leone from 1991-2002 (11 years), alongside with Liberia and Guinea that shared common borders on the coastal regions with Sierra Leone, because of the political unrest, I was unable to return to Sierra Leone immediately, and I sought for permanent residency in the United States of America and later became a U.S. citizen by naturalization, and since then I have lived in the United States in the state of Washington. My career in U.S.

I worked at Sears Roebuck as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator, in Washington from 1999–2001, and I worked at Bartell Drug Store as a business Manager, in Seattle, Washington, from 2001-2010. I now operate a self-own business in the Greater Seattle Area of the State of Washington, U.S. including managing two websites: J.A. Koroma and The New Face of Technology (http://www.thenewfaceoftechnology.com). So browse this website for your most reasonable on line shop high-tech, and fashionable and assorted items. 
I am inspired by inspirational people’s works and way of life, dedicated mainly to help those suffering and living in poverty worldwide, and to help reduce inequality of human beings regards of race, sex, color, religion, etc. They have made difference in many people’s life worldwide base on love, kindness and compassion. I believe the main factor of the world problems is due to lack of understand of love for one and other, and not hatred.  Love positively impact human relations and life, with better ties, compare with hatred, that impact human life negatively. So I am providing advice on both love and hatred, and to help people change their negative attitudes, and additional, would provide free advices academically and business as freelance.

I provide professional guide and services-Business Development & Management, Ethical Leadership, and Human Relations Advisor Freelance in Good faith. I am an expert in: business development & management, leadership, International trade, Sales & Marketing, Management and Technical Activities, Strategic Management, Corporate Governance and CSR, Customer Service and Business policy. I am well versed in Leadership Study, what leaders do, and what their followers expect, the success & failure of leadership & organization guide. I provide guide & advice on global issues, situations, analysis, problem solving issues, and recommendations. For professional services & guide, please contact me by sending an email to: jakoromasr@gmail.com. So go to my website at:  www.jakoroma.com to view some of my article and advice as free-lance.