About J.A.Koroma

As the creator of this website:
“The true road map for peace and harmony worldwide”, I believe that people expect leaders to have a sense of direction and a concern for the future of the organization and the people they lead. This expectation directly corresponds to the ability to envision the future that the leaders described in their personal-best case. Whether I call that ability, vision, a dream, a calling, a goal, or a personal agenda, the message is clear: leaders must know where they are going if they expect others to willingly join them on the journey. Based on my mission and vision statements, and value, I believe anyone wants “freedom and liberty” as we all equally need freedom and liberty. Leaders have to have a point of view about they envision for their organizations, and they need to be able to connect that point of view to the hopes and dreams of their people, as it can be clearly seen from me. The reality is far more down to earth, it is the ability to imagine or discover a desirable destination towards which the organization or purpose should head.

My website Consist of: Professional Services, Global News, and My Opinions.
Professional Services
Business Development & Ethical Leadership, to provide information about my professional guidance and services that I am offering to clients in Business Management, Development & Ethics, and Leadership. What you need to know about: organizational behavior, management, and ethics, to avoid the failures. The wave of business scandals today are due to mismanagement, lack of business ethics and customer service, and above all leadership problems. Destructive leaders lead businesses and corporations to failures and can cause an organization to become a dysfunctional organization. If you need professional guidance in business, contact me by e-mail to learn more. 

Global News
The Global News section-provides news nationally and globally. Click on the news links and you will find a lot of news to read, that you even would have missed on t/v and newspapers. This service is free from our website.
James’s Journal
James’s opinionated section-discusses global issues and situations. Based on our freedom of expression and human rights under the rule of law which is conventional and any person has the liberty, freedom, and belief to express his or her opinion, of issues and situations. I will write and publish on my website, social media, the press, magazine, and television my views about issues and situation around the world based on my opinion. On some issues and situation my opinion or expression will be based on the reality and in-conformity with global economics, international trade, wars, refugees, immigrants, economic sanctions, religious beliefs, destructive and dysfunctional organizations. Toxic leaders, and more calls for a leadership change of attitude, and behavior I will make suggestions for corrections, all in good faith.