Date Published: July 25th, 2018

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That one greatest thing in life, do you have it or lack? Read through the article and be honest and truthful to yourself, if you have that one greatest thing that is common to every individual life, but it has to be developed and leveraged.
Validate yourself honestly and truthfully, based on your behavior with other people, how you see yourself, and you believe how people perceive you to be based on your behavior. *Behavior is observable and measurable actions (your words and actions, are predictor to tell others who you are or would be). Behavior has positive or negative impacts depending on the person. Typcally, behavior is the manifestation of motive and agenda. The behavior that best creates credibility and inspires trust is acting in the best interest of others. It’s easy to say “I care” and “I want you to feel better,” but it is our actual behavior that demonstrates whether or not we meant it. If we do, then we are believable or worthy of trust, and our honesty and integrity are endorsed. What lesson you have learned from your behavior? *A lesson learned is: an assessment and review of what was accomplished and was learned. A shift in your understanding about your behavior or process and new learning for ongoing or future behavior. This article is about our behavior towards others in all kinds of relationships. *The behavior referenced in this article, concerns with a person whose senses are all functioning perfectly, and not a person with Intellectual Disability or Cognitive Disorder.
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The one greatest thing that is common to every individual, family, relationship, team, organization, nation, and civilization throughout the world, and that one greatest thing, when lack or, removed, will destroy the most powerful nation, government, the influential leadership, the most thriving economy, the most successful business, corporation, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the great respect and ethics.
On the other hand, if that one greatest thing is developed and leveraged, it has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of human life. But that one greatest thing is least understood by most people, most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time in this generation. That greatest thing is: LOVE. Love is the greatest thing in every individual life, and sustained by trust and integrity. If you do not have love in your heart for others and are credible or worthy of trust you have serious problems in life, such as destruction of yourself and others because of your behavior of hatred. The opposite of love is: dislike, hate-hatred the most destructive thing among human beings. This article looks at our behaviors with other people based on love and hatred, how love and hatred impacts our lives in all kinds of relationships.
Love. Love is strong feelings of affection. Love is a variety of differential feelings. Here are some attributes of a person with love: *Attributes of a person with love are characteristics the person has that shapes his/her behavior. Attributes can be positive or negative, or can vary depending on the person. So a person with love has positive attributes, such as: kindness, compassion, caring, etc. Unlike hatred that has negative attributes, and such person(s) are destructive. So here are some attributes of a person with love: kindness, compassion, patient, caring, empathy, gentleness, humility, forgiveness, courage, and trust. People with love do not hurt others. People with love, are honest with integrity. They’re respectful to others, ethical, and have self-control. They are people with purpose, and credible. They have no place in heart for injustices or, favoritism. They believe in justices and fairness and act accordingly in all works of life. People with true love believe that all lives have equal value. People with true love do not pick and choose among people or discriminate, or act with condemnation among people regardless of national origin, color, race, religion,  sex, and sexual orientation, etc. People with true love are peace makers. They leverage what they need and not want. They never give up or lose hope but are hopeful for a better life or success. People with love listen to others, accept their mistakes and take corrections when pointed out, and being corrected. People with true love are great leaders or future leaders in various works of life. Sometimes they are known or called visionary leaders, they gaze or look across the horizon of time for an opportunities, and the desire to make something extraordinary happen, to change the way things are, to create something that no one else has ever created before. They see picture in their minds of what the results would look like even before they have started their project. They are inspirational people who are men and women with great visions and passions, have driven success, and can inspire others to make a difference in their endeavours and become successful in the arena of life. People with love, kindness, compassion, and a caring heart for others are people you can trust and follow, and people with honesty and integrity: Bill and Melinda Gates and Oprah Winfrey and their achievements and the differences they have made in other people’s life in America and some countries overseas, and all is about love and kindness to others. I will write short and separate papers about their accomplishments and the differences they have made in peoples’ life in America and different parts of the world.
Maryam Nemazee is a Journalist with Al Jazeera in English, based and reporting from London. Maryam Nemazee is one of those real professional journalists. People love her way of reporting top stories on Al Jazeera in English, Starlight Network Television. She is so dedicated to her work and to an extent going the extra–mile like a professional marketer, promoting and positioning Al Jazeera. We hope her employer values her performance, and can invest in her development with others that are doing so well like Maryam Nemazee.
On the other hand, hatred is dislike; people without love, care, and compassion are evil.   
In the business world, CEOs and MDs who engaged in unethical marketing practices would soon lead the business to a pile of lawsuits. A company is not a democracy, but CEOs and managers who do not lead with a basic sense of justice and fairness to consumers, would soon find that they will lose their trust to consumers, and lose loyalty to their followers.
My advice is it is better for people to love one another than to hate each other.
A global advice in good faith.
 Written by: James A. Koroma, CMA. MBA.BSc. AIB. AMA.
Global Advisor Freelance writer                                                  
James A, Koroma
Global Advisor, Free Lancer-writer in good faith
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Lessons learnt are usually acquired through personal or collective experiences and can cover a wide range of topics. Most importantly, they capture a shift in our understanding about an activity or process and provide new learning for ongoing or future programming. When lessons learnt are identified, documented and disseminated, this, in and of itself, is a project success.
Lesson learned is assessment and review of what was accomplished and was learned. A shift in our understanding