7 Startling And Life-Changing Health Benefits Of Beets

7 Startling And Life-Changing Health Benefits Of Beets
While beets may look quite ordinary, they are a source of great nourishment for the human body. Once you start looking at beets as fantastic vegetables and incorporate them into your diet, you will then enjoy the full health benefits of beets.

The beauty of beets is that you can prepare them in various ways. This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll get bored with them. Besides, their dark red color is nothing if not attractive. Before diving into the benefits of beets, let’s quickly define what they are.

While some people never skip a day without beets, for others this is an entirely new game. Beets are root vegetables that can even be eaten raw. In addition, their leaves are also edible. You can have them raw or even cook them. The majority of beet users incorporate them in salads, but did you know that you can roast beets as well? When you eat raw beets, you get all the flavors together. Also, if you want them in your soup, they work well too.

If you want to eat your beets raw, be sure to rinse them thoroughly and separate their bulbs from their stems. Next, you should proceed to slice or grate them into your salad. When cooking beets, however, you have the option of roasting, boiling, or pickling depending on your preference.
Furthermore, it is essential for you to know that beets go bad very quickly. They will remain fresh for up to two weeks in the fridge but when you cook them, ensure to finish them in five days.

1. Beets Improve Digestive Health

The biggest challenge for people is getting enough fiber to aid in their metabolism. When you make beets your friends, you get the right amount of dietary fiber. Beets help improve digestion, which in turn enables you to avoid dreaded constipation as well as other bowel diseases. Moreover, fiber is good for the prevention of colon cancer, type two diabetes, and heart disease.

2. Beets Help You Better Your Athletic Performance

Beets are a source of nitrates, which are believed to enhance athleticism. Many athletes use beets because they improve the efficiency of mitochondria. Consequently, this leads to an energy boost in the body. Beet juice is a steady source of these dietary nitrates. For physical performance, the nitrates will take full effect in your body within two or three hours, so take beets in advance of your athletic endeavor.

3. Beets Regulate Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the primary cause of heart attacks and stroke. As many people suffer from high blood pressure, it is essential to keep it in check. Particularly, the consumption of beets can help lower blood pressure up to 10mmHg in 2-4 hours. In this case, raw beets are much more effective than cooked and roasted beets.
Beet consumption is much more effective for systolic blood pressure. This type of blood pressure occurs when your heart contracts.  Read More...

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