Date Published: August 11th, 2013

My  recent trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa: June - July 2013

During my recent two month visit of June and July of 2013 in Sierra Leone, I was welcomed by the newly built international airport - Lungi International Airport, a very beautiful airport, pretty much like many international airports in Western and European countries. It’s amazing as it gives a great salute to tourists. I travelled to the city of Freetown via ferry crossing and I enjoyed the nice and cool sea breeze. I was staying at Kissy in the eastern part of Freetown. I had the opportunity to travel around Freetown and the provinces, and towns like Makeni, Bo, Kenema, and Kono. All of these towns look great in terms of improvement and economic development in the country by the present government. Electricity and water supply systems to state a few have also improved tremendously. Also these towns have nice and beautiful hotels, for tourist environments into the country and providences that would likely boost up foreign currencies for the country and government. Prior to my trip, I visited the Plan Sierra Leone and World Vision offices in Freetown. 

These organizations are doing extremely well in helping children in Sierra Leone with health, education, and other basic humanitarian needs around the country through donor gifts and sponsors. Brief discussion I had with Plan Sierra Leone Grants Support Manager, Mr. Manuel while the Country Director was on tour in providences. Mr. Manuel said Plan Sierra Leone is doing well in the country, and receiving the cooperation of the people in many towns, communities and elders including paramount chiefs and volunteers. At World Vision Sierra Leone, the Country Director was on tour in the providences. I saw and met with the Finance Coordinator, but he was unable to comment on the process and achievement of World Vision in Sierra Leone. However, I believe more of these organizations’ work would be accomplished if only more Sierra Leoneans could get involved in some of the organizations work either voluntarily within their communities, or in other various activities or events, and are willing to become donors. I urge for more Sierra Leoneans to get involved. Awake and get involve to help your children and the country that you love so much.

There are many more non-profit organizations that are helping children in different countries around the world, so keep your focus on this website “Koroma’s Website,” that will bring you linkage and/or blog from time to time, and that would help children of Sierra Leone as they are helping other children and nations around the world.

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Economic Development 
Sierra Leone is an example of a fast growing and rebuilding country successfully after sufferings from one of the worst and brutal civil wars ever imagined in the world, in addition to bad leadership and governance for past decades. The present government under the leadership of His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma is doing very well in terms of economic recovery from both the governmental and private sectors. Lots of foreign investors and foreign markets are encouraged to the free trade market in Sierra Leone and competition is wide open, while monopoly has decreased. However, the  rate of unemployment (the percent of the labor force – that is the unemployed), is high, but gradually dropping down, compared with rate of unemployed  in  the past years of 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. This economic indicator in terms of rate of unemployed, shows that president Ernest Bai Koroma‘s government is doing well. Undoubtedly, it takes a strong leader and government to rebuild a country and nation that has been destroyed for a number of years and this is what exactly president Ernest Bai Koroma is going through and currently achieving. His vision of giving hope and a future to Sierra Leone and its people is very clear and can been seen. Example, construction of roads well in hand, Wilkinson road through Milton Margai and Aberdeen Ferry roads completed, widened nicely, and smooth when one is driving on them. Fourah Bay College road and others are all working in progress – construction. Road improvements in the City of Freetown would start immediately at the end of the rain season I was made to understand.
The standard of education continues to improve tremendously, and with technology driving and motivating most of the people in the country, makes it imperative for people to return to classrooms of higher institution of learning to have a chance in the challenging competitive job market as many employers both governmental and private sectors requires computer skills and other work knowledge and experience. This is one of the factors for the high rate of unemployment, slow employment rate, and slow economic recovery.
Faith, Believe , and Trust
Many people have turned to worshiping of the Lord after the civil war; Christianity is at a high rate and soon would exceed the number of those who practice the Muslim religion. There are a large number of churches today as people continue converting from the Muslim religion to Christianity both young and old alike, but the number of the younger Christians far more exceeds the older generation as the younger people seem more willing to give their lives more to Jesus Christ. During my eight weeks in Sierra Leone, I attended many churches and worship services on Sundays and revival, and one of the great churches I attended worship services during a number of times was “The Door Christian Fellowship Church,” at Ferry Junction, Kissy Dockyard, Freetown under the leadership of Pastor Edward Saffa and Mohamed Bunduka his assistant who will be relocating to another branch of the church ministry to Banjul, Gambia in October 2013. Pastor Mohamed Bunduka was one time a Muslim before he converted to Christianity. The Door Christian Fellowship Church is in partnership with The Door Christian Fellowship Churches in Liberia, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and more in other countries around the world, including The Gospel Pioneers, another in Tucson, Arizona in the United Stats of America with senior Pastor: Harold Warner. The vision of “The Door” in Sierra Leone includes Evangelism, Discipleship, and church planting. Other Humanitarian Activities includes: Water Well, Free medical, and Schools. There are more churches on the way including the "New Life Church" which is currently under construction at Ross Road, Freetown.
Brothers and Sisters in Christ at “The Door Church” Ferry Junction, Kissy Dock Yard, Freetown, This is Brother James in USA Saying, “I love you all, and I am missing you in worshiping the Lord in Freetown. But by God’s will, I will be back soon in Freetown.

Keep the Faith, and keep praying, the Lord will surely bless you.”
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 The Door Church, Ferry Junction, Kissy Dockyard, Freetown Events of Clinics at Freetown & Kenema 2005.