The Purpose


To introduce the best and true road map for peace and harmony worldwide, which is “LOVE” for one another and “RESPECT” for others , “JUSTICE and FAIRNESS” to every person, to help bring and build a lasting relationship among individuals, communities, nations, countries, world leaders, governments, and in good faith to help make the world safe and a better place to live by writing articles as a “Freelance Writer” in good faith on my own free will,  based on freedom of expression, “Human Rights”, and my opinion as I perceive  the real world problems, to help people change their negative behaviors and attitudes towards other people as a Global Advisor. Also to help businesses and clients with professional guidance and services as adviser in business management, ethics, and leadership.


I will be seen as a person to work with; for an organization that drives amazing results for this generation through peace and harmony worldwide. I will be acknowledge across the world as a model to follow, where every human being truly feels like a partner, and has an equal opportunity to live without fear of intimidation and their life threaten, and understand their personal impact in society in general and for this generation. To provide goal direction and achievements for business clients, through professional services.


I value open communications, and believe that open communication enhances relationships in organizations and among individuals, communities, nations, countries, world leaders and governments, and promotes a spirit of teamwork to achieve success for peace and harmony worldwide. To advise business clients to value customers doing business with them and with ethical business practices for a win-win situation.