Date Published: August 26th, 2015

 The World Problems and Our World Leaders!!

The World Problems and Our World Leaders!!
World Leaders where are you all leading this generation and for
What purpose?
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The greatest disaster is yet to come, (a vision in a dream - from a religious perspective). Warning! The almighty God is angry with this generation. He is about moving to punish some nations of this generation for disobedience – “The killing and the sufferings of people,” a destruction of his own image for the creation of man because of his love. Many people who are very close with the Lord will have this vision and will pass this warning message around the world. Pope Francis has specific messages for some of the nations’ leaders. My advice is prayer. Pray! Pray! Pray! And ask God for mercy and forgiveness. Love God, fear him, obey him, and love others; he will forgive and bless those who come close him. The Lord is compassionate and gracious; slow to anger, abounding in love. Psalm 103:8.
Global economic disasters – currency crisis
Warning signs of global economic disasters as major world currencies are collapsing. Have you prepared, or are you preparing? If not, now is the time before it would be too late.

Based on economic perspective, we are seeing warning signs of global economic disaster. Global economic disaster is likely to occur in some of the world’s powerful countries and would affect many other countries and people around the world, and would be more likely severe than the Great Depression of 1929–1939. Some countries are experiencing it now, while others would have a taste of that bitter pill of economic disaster soon. Undoubtedly, nothing would prevent it from happening as we have been seeing signs of money losing value in the financial markets around the world for almost sixty years and the greatest money in value worldwide losing value, (Currency Crisis - paper money losing value), is the U.S. Dollar. In one of my economics studies and analysis of global economy in 2014, I pointed it out, and this is a remainder for people to prepare.
The causes of this dilemma are due to many economic factors including but not limited to: lack of economic dynamics, changes in economical system overtime, those reflected in the behavior of markets, businesses, and the general economy. Currency that is not backed with the value of other natural resources; like sliver and gold, lack of an open market system – free trade. Negating industrial manufacturing developed countries with international economic sanctions that are restrictions on international trade to other countries. Continuing to borrow from other countries (credit transactions), and compounding a country’s international debt without payment. Problems with the fiscal policy: government spending and taxation, (government deficit: excess of government spending over taxes collected-for a year), unnecessary spending; example U.S. foreign assistance: wasting money by giving money to foreign country governments for economic development, education, social services, democracy, human rights and governance, health environment, peace and security, but 99% if not all of those foreign aids goes to the country leader’s personal bank accounts, usually overseas.
No nation needs military government in any part of the world anymore
Also there are many countries that are receiving foreign aids from the U.S. government at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers’ money, but do not deserve it. For example: Egypt’s present government continues the violations of human rights, no peace and security in the country since 2013. The military leaders staged a coup d’état and overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government to present. Thousands of civilians mostly women, children, and students have been killed by the military and police under the new leadership of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. He is responsible for the massive killing of civilians since he took power by force. Many people have been executed to death and thousands more are condemned to death waiting executions. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi vows to correct mistakes of the past, and return the country to civilian rule immediately, but two years has gone by and he has shown no signs of returning the government to civilian rule.
He jailed journalists unjustly for more than 400 days, now the case is set for a re-trial, and has been adjourned nine times because the journalists’ guilt can’t be proven, hence the continuous adjournment of a re-trial for the case. In my view, this is justice delayed and justice denied, a form of tactics to throw out the case from the court based on insufficient evidence, and get away with the violation of freedom of the press and crime against humanity for the unlawful detention of the journalists with impunity. Why the U.S. government leaders continue wasting taxpayer’s money and most of the people are still suffering and giving financial assistance to another dictator in Egypt, is beyond me. The U.S. government leaders should learn from their mistakes with Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Mohamed Kaddafi of Libya, and many more ex-military leaders; who brutally mistreated their own people, abused their rights, and were responsible for the deaths of thousands.
One would like to ask the U.S. government leaders to tell the American people why they are funding a country, government, and a dictator leader like Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt whose military ruling government continues to commit crimes against humanity, killing their own people with no regards to human lives. Even animals, have rights and are not treated like the civilians currently in Egypt. So where is the United Nations - UN organizations? Where are the permanent Security Council members that are made up of the P5; China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States; what are they doing? Are they just watching Egypt’s military ruling and leadership Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, rebelling against civilians by killing them, while thousands are in jail awaiting dates for execution, while the U.N. does nothing, but fund the military ruling until they have nearly wiped off the Egyptian nation then the U.N. will intervene?
The same mistake has been done in Syria where the latest report stated that about 240,000 people have been killed, and 30,000 are unaccounted for there whereabouts. This delay by the U.N. to act promptly and correct the situation has caused the death toll number in Syria to rise, that is the same mistake the U.N. is making in Egypt, which is shameful and disgraceful, yet the organization is funded by member countries people’s hard working money on taxes.
Nigeria government
My view is based on Nigeria’s government of their way of handling the issue and situation of the Nigerian people’s lives being threaten, killed, and the destruction of properties by the Boko Haram terrorist group. The Nigerian government does not deserve foreign assistance because the government has failed to maintain peace and security in a country that has caused tremendous loss of lives of people by the Boko Haram group for almost five years. Do governments like these two examples Egypt and Nigeria deserve foreign assistance from the U.S. government, money that comes from taxpayer’s money? The U.S. government foreign assistance has planned for 2016 to send $33.7 billion in foreign aid to countries that include the Egyptian and Nigerian governments at the expense of taxpayer’s money. What benefits does the U.S. government expect from some of those country’s governments with corrupted, toxic, and destructive leaders with repeated violations of human rights abuse?
A country’s government that does not care for the safety, social welfare, economic development, lives, and properties of its people they govern and rule, should not be given foreign assistance. I believe issues and situations need to be corrected first by those governments through the interventions of the international communities like the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission, and the International Crime Court for crimes against humanity.
Giving foreign aids in lump sum
Funds given in lump sums are a serious mistake, and that is why the U.S. keeps giving foreign assistance to nearly the same countries year after year in foreign aid funds which are given in lump sums to funding other country governments. By definition, a budget is a financial plan for a future period of time. The budgeting process translates the strategic plan for an entity into financial terms and identifies the steps for achieving the goals of the plan. The funds are to be given in a form of allocations based on categories of funding the projects, subject to work in progress and performance evaluations. Funds are to be released when there is need from the budgeted amount, based on justifications of needs and reports from a U.S. government representative who should be there overseeing true applications of the funds, physically seeing the projects work and report to the U.S. government and departments responsible for the funding, so that the U.S. government can see a true and realistic use and need of the funds, and the project categories are reduced on countries year by year, the cost expenses are controlled with variances (+, - ) while the funding projects are in process on the fiscal year.
When preparing budget plans for the next fiscal year for foreign assistance, the variances can be used to determine the budget planning, either to increase or decrease the foreign assistance. This is proper accounting and budget control based on the fundamental concepts of accounting. That way, the U.S. government can properly control foreign aid expenses, reduce spending to other countries, and also would not give funds to countries on same project category that did realistically show proven evidence of the funds used and project completed. Countries should be made to know that funding assistance is temporary and not permanent or ongoing assistance, but it is meant to help them to become independent and self-productive nations and not depend on foreign assistance. The U.S. government and or countries funding other countries would be able to reduce government spending, take care of their own people, pay their international debts, and balance their country budgets.
Wasteful valuable asset
Some of the U.S. foreign assistances are wasteful valuable assets, money that the hard working American people would have to pay the price for when the currency crisis comes. I honestly believe those amounts from American taxpayers, could be used to pay-off most students loans as forgiveness. Even some people that have graduated and are currently working, most of them are struggling to repay their student loans, and would continue to struggle with repayments in their lifetimes. There are many that are unable to pay even accrued interests that continue to be capitalized by lenders, increasing the principal amount of their student loans borrowed.
I believe the wasted money on foreign funding to undeserving country governments can be funded differently with commercial banks through the Federal Reserve in giving soft loans to small businesses in creating employment for the unemployed, then the government can collect taxes and increase collected yearly tax amounts, and use some of the money to make payments on foreign debts. I hope this make sense and can help countries that their governments are funding other nations, and control their government spending. We love seeing the U.S. government and other countries help other nations in the world that really need help, aid, and assistance, to assist them develop their countries, in being self-productive and independent, and stop the dependency on foreign assistance, particularly if government leaders would cease and stop their corruptive ways.
The problem is most of the country governments receiving foreign assistance have no proper accountability for the funds, because of unethical practices. They steal the money, and leave most of the funding projects incomplete or badly done, while the poor people are left in the same poor environment conditions, and struggling to survive. An example is the Ebola Virus outbreak in the West African countries. Reports of corruption stated that – the Ebola funded money to combat the virus was stolen in one country the outbreak occurred in being Sierra Leone, to no proper accountability, and some people were arrested. This can be part of the cause and reason as to why most of the people that died from the virus did when they were not supposed to. This kind of action and behavior by those in charge and the country’s leaders is quite deplorable.
President Obama in his recent visit to Kenya and Ethiopia in East African advised government leaders in the African Organization meeting in Ethiopia to stop corruption and be more productive and try to be self-dependent and serve their people. He said, corruption is not only in Africa, but in Europe and even in his country, the United States of America, there is corruption everywhere in the world which must stop and that is true. But my honest question is where do corruptions begin? Corruption begins from the top and it is from the world leaders – politicians. They set the bad examples of corruption, they make the laws, and are the first to break them, and others copy from the bad examples they give and behavior they show and exhibit.
In my view, this is a serious mistake by the U.S. government and it needs to stop foreign assistance to countries that really do not deserve to assistance. Here are some of the negative impacts that most people would experience when the currency crisis would come: inflation and unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructures, corruptions, problems with retirement benefits, and social security benefit funds would not be available in the treasuries to pay beneficiaries. People will be on the streets protesting, and we will see international investors shifting investments to other countries, currency rejections-rejecting payments with paper money.
Here are lists of a few countries with current economic disasters: Greece, Indonesia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, which is when currency crisis occurs, the economic recovery process is slow, takes long time to recover-(economic stagnation). Governments hardly tell their people even when the situation is foreseeable, because in most cases they are responsible due to bad leadership, mismanagement, wasteful spending, unethical problems, mistrust, conflicts of interest, and other reasons, and undoubtedly this is true.
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By: James A. Koroma Sr., CMA. MBA. BSc. AIB. AMA
Chartered/Certified Marketing Analyst
Business & Management Consultant and Executive Coaching
Greater Seattle Area, Washington, USA.